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Products Every Twin Parent Needs (Toddler Edition)

As parents of 16-month twin girls, we’ve come to rely on a select few Products of Life with each passing day. From squeaky shoes to garbage can locks, these items, in no particular order, have made navigating the chaotic joys and sleepless nights immeasurably easier.

  • Push or activity walker: Push walkers and activity walkers provide exciting opportunities for toddler exercise and development. I bought my littles shopping carts to push their babies and for easy storage of all the treasures they find around the house.  Look for something that doesn’t tip over easily and allows for a proper stride when they are learning to walk.
  • Ride-on toys: Small ride-on toys, like tricycles, cars or little tikes coaches inspire imaginative play and opportunities for tandem riding. Look for options with parent handle, brakes, padding and weight limits above 40 lbs.
  • Squeaky shoes: Toddlers who are walking on their own need comfortable, durable and protective shoes. Squeaky shoes are ideal for twins because the bright colors and fun sounds keep their interest and the extra padding and grip keep them steady on their feet. It’s also excellent for keeping track of your little explorers as they run in different directions.  Look for ones with an on-off switch such as the cute Ikiki shoe brand that we love.
  • Wagon: A wagon with toddler-safe seats allows you to keep the twins together on the go in style. We love the Wonderfold Wagon. It folds for easy storage but opens to provide transit for up to 4 children. The secure harnesses keep each twin safely in place, even on bumpy terrain. This is the perfect solution for outings with toddler twins.  Our little rugrats love the Wonderfold and will sit and play when it’s stationary in our house.
  • Sippy cups that don’t leak: Spills and drips happen frequently with toddlers, so sippy cups made of leak-proof, non-porous materials are a must. Toddler twins will require multiple sippy cups, so options without valves help prevent leaks from impatient sipping and cups that are dishwasher safe make cleanup a breeze. Look for plastic free and silicone free. 
  • Pull-on diapers: If diaper changes resemble wrestling an alligator, switch to a pull on diaper. They are simpler to put on and take off than tapes, tabs or other closures. This makes diaper changes faster and easier, especially for wiggly toddlers who don’t like to sit still. The easy on and off helps limit frustration during changes. My absolute favorite is a Japanese brand called Merries. They are so soft, leak proof and best of all my girls hardly ever get a diaper rash.
  • Garbage can with a lock: A garbage can with a lid and lock helps keep toddler hands out for their safety and prevents your little rugrats from throwing away treasures (aka tv remote) that they find around the house.
  • Double stroller: A high-quality double stroller allows you to keep the twins together on the go. Look for reclining seats, storage capacity, suspension and maneuverability. I suggest stadium seating so you don’t crowd the sidewalks and store isles.
  • Slide: My little ones love to climb and slide. We attach a stair slide to our couch and let them climb and slide to their hearts content.
  • Baby gates: Little climbers love the stairs. Find a gate that’s easy to climb over or through for you and your accident prone spouse.
  • Portable highchair: A lightweight, compact high chair that can easily be stored in the stroller or car solves the problem of seating twins at restaurants with limited high chair availability. This has been a life saver more times than I can count. And we love that our family can still fin in a booth.

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