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How We Achieve WORK-LIFE Balance, Five Kids and Two Careers Considered

Balancing work and family life with 5 kids can be an enormous challenge, but here are some tips to help parents achieve that balance:

  • Set clear priorities. Determine what’s most important to you as a family and focus your time and energy on those priorities. Things like faith, learning, physical health, family meals, etc. Say no to less important demands on your time.
  • Set boundaries. Learn to set clear boundaries to avoid burnout. Don’t take work home with you, limit after-hours contact, and unplug from tech during family time.
  • Take advantage of work-life benefits. Use any flexibility, work-from-home options, paid time off or sick days wisely to spend more time with your kids when needed. Get supervisors on board with key work-life priorities.
  • Make time for one-on-one. Although family time is important, also make sure each child gets individual attention. Do separate activities to strengthen your bond and meet their unique needs.
  • Compromise and collaborate. Work together as partners to solve challenges, share responsibilities and support each other’s roles. Compromise when needed to achieve what’s most important.
  • Ask for help when you need it. Don’t try to do everything yourself. Ask family members, friends or hire help with childcare, tutoring, sports practice, meals, housework, etc. so you can meet work demands.
  • Make quality time. The time you do have together as a family is precious. Be fully present and engaged. Put away devices and make the most of memories being made.
  • Take care of yourself. Make sure to also recharge by pursuing your own hobbies, interests and social connections outside the home. Take occasional solo vacations when possible to avoid burnout. Exercise, eat healthy and engage in self-care.
  • Be flexible. Accept that there will be periods of imbalance at times. Learn to adapt structures and routines as needed when demands on your time change. Maintain a balanced perspective rather than an “all or nothing” mindset.
  • Set a good example. Model the kind of hard work, perseverance, teamwork and sacrifice that you want to instill in your children. Help them develop an balanced perspective on work, rest and play.

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