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The Essentials of Gearing Up for Infant Twins (And What You’ll Actually Need Two Of!)

As a twin mom that just made it out of nighttime feedings and sleepless nights, let me share the truths I’ve learned about gearing up for infant twins.

Cribs: The safest sleeping position is in separate cribs with a sleep sack.  That said, we started off with one crib and separated them once they started to roll over.  

High chairs: Get two. Feeding little ones means constant togetherness, so dependable seats for side by side snacking and crafting messes are must haves. Look for heightened safety, simple clean up and shoulder height convenience.

Bouncy seats/swings: Invest in a pair. Containment is key when you need to cook dinner or get a quick shower in.

Changing table: You don’t need it. Instead invest in a couple of changing pads that you keep in different parts of the house.  We have one in the living room and one in the nursery.   

Baths seat: You only need one bath seat.  When the babies are little you will only be able to bathe them one at a time.  As they get older and can sit up on their own, stick them in a laundry basket or keep the water shallow enough that they won’t go under if they tip over. 

Bottles: If you are trying to avoid plastic, go with glass. Glass is ideal, as any condensation or milk trapped dries easily and odorlessly. Silicone traps the taste of milk and dish soap.

Carrier: We had separate carriers from our singletons, but decided to buy the TwinGo carrier.  I like that I can get both babies in it by myself pretty easily.  

Nursing pillow: If you go on any twin group, moms swear by the z pillow. I went with the TwinGo nursing pillow.  I like that it’s stackable pillows that bring the baby to you, rather than you having to hunch over. I’m still using it at 16 months.

Footed pajamas: Your baby will live in footed sleepers. Don’t bother getting cute outfits just yet. They will never wear them. I suggest the sleepers with zippers that zip at the top and bottom. They didn’t have these for my first three kids. It’s a game changer for late night diaper changes.

A good nursing/pumping bra: There are so many different brands out there. I love ones that can convert from a nursing bra to a pumping bra. Being a working mom it makes pumping so much easier at work.

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