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The Extreme Frustration of Finding Clothes for Kids (And the Creative Solution I made for my 5)

As dual income parents of five children, simplicity and practicality are must-haves when it comes to almost every aspect of our lives. Clothing included. We don’t have time to deal with finicky kids who want only certain brands or fuss over logos and sayings on their t-shirts. All we wanted were some basic tops. Simple, right?

You’d be surprised how difficult this has turned out to be. Either we found options loaded with obnoxious graphics, pre-teen slogans and 1,000% markup for a minimalist design, or nothing at all in the children’s section of any store we went to. After wasting far too many hours sifting through aisles of mismatched and overpriced merchandise, I realized designing our own was the only logical solution.

That’s why we started collaborating on a line of simple, high-quality kids t-shirts, onesies and more – all created together without distracting logos, printing and expensive brand labels. My merchandise features colorful animal designs and patterns that my children adore, giving them style options they actually love wearing every day. I thought perhaps other families with kids who prefer minimal, playful basics might find value in these styles as well.

Our Solution

If you’re tired of the frustrating and overwhelming options out there for children’s clothes, I invite you to check out what we designed. We built this collection from the ground up with the input of kids themselves, so each piece is colorful enough for fun but tame enough for everyday wear and play. Prices are fair for the quality and care put into the designs.

With summer coming up, now is the perfect time to stock up on some closet staples for your little ones. Head over to our shop to browse what we created together as a family. I hope you’ll find styles your kids will fall in love with and prices that make sense for your budget. Let us know if you have any questions or want any recommendations. We’re here to make kids clothing simple, playful and on-trend!

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